AI Intelligent One-button Measuring Instrument
AI Intelligent One-button Measuring Instrument

I-Vision AI vision technology based on self-developed (CNN Neural Network & MV machine vision) realizes object recognition, region of interest (ROI) intelligent lighting and intelligent focusing function, making the device more intelligent!


Automatically set the optimum illumination to eliminate human error:

A variety of lighting systems can be provided to automatically set the lighting status of each feature, eliminating any errors caused by manual operation. Even the first operator can use it safely.

According to the feature and position of the workpiece, the intensity of each double-eight-segment annular light can be automatically adjusted by using the self-developed i-Vision AI vision technology (CNN neural network-MV machine vision) to recognize objects and ROI intelligent lighting (AutoLight).


AI vision technology is used to realize automatic focusing:

Based on the self-developed AI vision technology (CNN Neural Network & MV machine vision), automatic intelligent focusing function is realized, which makes the device more intelligent! Focusing speed is faster and more accurate!


Product characteristics

1. Intelligent measurement in real sense is realized, and the new function of "measuring with one key after placement" is realized. Simple size measurement does not need to be set. Like vernier or micrometer, it can learn to operate in a few minutes.

2. Measurement results are automatically stored in the host computer, and can be measured by date, item, batch number surveyor, etc. Information searching makes data traceability management easier.

3. Test results report and statistical report can be made by one key, without the tedious process of data transmission and computer input. It is very simple to output measurement data with EXCEL form and PDF.

4. In large field measurement, the field of vision can reach 130 mm*97.8 mm, which can be used for one-time whole imaging, and can measure multiple sizes simultaneously. Even if the measuring position is increased, the measuring time will not be spent.

5. Eliminate the artificial error. It can focus automatically according to the measuring position and carry the function of adjusting the intelligent light source. Whoever makes the measurement can measure the size under the same conditions at any time, which can avoid the measurement error caused by different lighting conditions.

6. The software adopts AI vision technology developed independently, and uses CNN neural network and deep learning function, which can make the measurement more accurate and precise.

Parameters of AI Intelligent One-button Measuring Instrument

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