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Focus on Intelligent Manufacturing, Pumi and you are about 2018 Shenzhen Light Expo

China International Photoelectric Exposition is a comprehensive exhibition of photoelectric industry with scale and influence. As a professional exhibition covering the whole photoelectric industry chain, CIOE China Optical Exposition has become the preferred platform for many enterprises to expand their market and promote their brands. It also provides insiders with opportunities to find new technologies and products and understand the market. One-stop platform for business, technology and academic exchanges.

As a professional supplier of visual systems, Pummy will exhibit various visual accessories and automation solutions at the exhibition site. Pumis sincerely invites you to visit the booth, booth: 7H65, Pavilion 7, looking forward to your visit!

Bitmap of POMEAs Optical Expo

Pomeas's Booth Map

Introduction to Pummy's Booth

The exhibition is based on AI vision technology. The exhibits include machine vision accessories and vision solutions. The booths are divided into artificial intelligence area, sensor area, large vision measurement area, microscope area and visual accessories area.

Introduction to Pummy's Exhibits

1. Machine vision accessories

The Visual Accessories Zone will display various independently developed industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, zoom lenses, visual light sources, industrial cameras, and additional lenses, APO and other machine vision accessories. Among them, 6.5x, 8.5X and 12.5X zoom lenses have a wide range of applications and a high cost-effective ratio, and are widely praised in the market.

Lens area

2. AI Intelligent One-button Measuring Instrument

A new AI intelligent one-button measuring instrument is grandly introduced by Pumis. Based on the self-developed i-Vision AI vision technology (CNN neural network-MV machine vision), it realizes object recognition, region of interest (ROI) intelligent polishing (AutoLight) and intelligent focusing function, which makes the device more intelligent!

AI Intelligent One-button Measuring Instrument

Product characteristics:

1. Intelligent focusing is realized by using i-Vision AI vision technology developed independently, and the focusing speed is faster and more accurate.

2. With AI vision software, object recognition and AutoLight for ROI can automatically adjust the intensity of each double-eight-segment annular light to eliminate human error.

3. High resolution CCD and telecentric optical system are used to make the measurement more accurate and accurate.

4. Large field of vision measurement, one-time overall imaging, in the field of vision, can measure multiple workpieces at the same time;

5. Arbitrary placement of workpieces, automatic identification of position and direction, no artificial measurement error;

6. It is suitable for electronics, mechanical processing, hardware, plastic processing, automobile and other industries. It is very suitable for measuring distance, radius, angle, radian and other dimensions.

3. Laser Profilometer

The principle of laser triangular reflection is used to measure the size of any contour of an object, such as height difference, width, angle, radius, etc. The functions of defect detection, surface dimension scanning and surface feature tracking can be realized. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, non-contact, easy installation and simultaneous measurement of multiple dimensions on a contour.

Product characteristics:

1. The highest 1280 measuring points per scanning line have the highest repetition accuracy of 0.2 um. It can detect glass and high reflective materials, 405 nm blue laser, IP67 protection level.

2. Gigabit Ethernet data transmission, online measurement of spacing, contour, steps, angles, etc.

3. Defect detection, flatness detection, contour tracking, dimension measurement, 3D scanning, contour transmission or measurement data output;

4. Rugged and durable, suitable for production line and laboratory use, suitable for robotic applications, a variety of scanning applications, suitable for integrators and end users.

4. Colour confocal sensor

It is a non-contact displacement measurement system of sub-micron scale. It can measure the displacement or thickness of the surface diffuse reflection or mirror reflection objects and even transparent materials. Based on the coaxial characteristics of the output and return signal paths, the color confocal spectrometer is also suitable for the measurement of deep/blind hole workpieces.

Product characteristics

1. Steady measurement of various materials, such as metal/ceramic/mirror/glass, etc.

2. It is suitable for measuring the characteristic size of various workpiece topography (including deep hole/inclined surface/arc surface), such as height/segment difference/thickness/flatness/profile, etc.

3. It can also be used normally under harsh operating conditions such as high temperature and high pressure.

4. The structure of the probe is light and easy to integrate into the automatic measurement application of various industries.

5. Tool Microscope

It is a new type of digital measuring microscope, which combines the high power observation ability of metallographic microscope and the X, Y, Z axis surface dimension measurement function of image measuring instrument. It has many observation functions such as light and dark field, differential interference, polarization and so on. It can be widely used in semiconductor, PCB, LCD, mobile phone industry chain, optical communication, basic electronics, die hardware, medical equipment, automobile industry, measurement industry and other fields.

6. Video Microscope

Video microscopy, also known as digital microscopy, can observe samples from a new angle on the display without using eyeglasses. It can display and save high-quality full-color static images and dynamic high-definition films.

Pummy's autofocus video microscope is designed with an integrated fuselage. The optical system is developed independently. It has the functions of light source switching, continuous doubling and autofocus. It can be directly applied in the electronics industry, mobile phone industry, watch industry, automobile industry, semiconductor industry and so on.

7. Large Field Size Measurement System

By using deep learning technology, the device can adapt to more complex working environment and various locations and deformations of targets, and can simultaneously detect many and multi-category targets. Under specific industrial testing conditions, the recognition accuracy can reach more than 99.5%, the calculation speed is fast, the location is accurate, and the recognition accuracy can reach 99.5%.

Plane of Pummy's booth

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