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Review of Pumis 2018 South China Automation Exhibition

South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAMD) is one of the most popular automation exhibitions in South China, which is created by Hanover Exhibition Company and Hanover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Pummy brought AI intelligent one-key measuring instrument, laser profilometer, AOI vision measuring instrument, face recognition, spectral confocal, video microscope and other exhibits to Shenzhen South China Automation Exhibition (IAMD). At the exhibition site, Pummy's booth received warm attention.

Pumi South China Automation Exhibition

Pummy Booth

This exhibition focuses on AI vision technology. AI intelligent one-button size measuring instrument has aroused great interest of the audience.

AI Intelligent One-button Dimension Measuring Instrument

AI Intelligent One-button Dimension Measuring Instrument

With the development of vision technology, machine vision is getting rid of its original status as an "assistant tool" and becoming the "eye" and "brain" of manufacturing system. From object/bar code identification, product detection, measurement of appearance dimension to positioning of mechanical arm/transmission equipment, machine vision technology is playing an important role.

Visual Fittings Area

Machine vision accessories

Let's review the hot atmosphere on the spot.

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The three-day Shenzhen Machine Vision Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you again for your support.

Photo taken

Group photo

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