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Pomeas invites you to attend the Munich Light Expo 2018 in Shanghai

Shanghai Munich Optical Expo, as a grand meeting of Asian laser, optics and Optoelectronics industry, from basic research to industrial applications, focuses on four major sectors: laser and optoelectronics, optics and optics manufacturing, laser production and technology processing, imaging, detection and quality control. It is an industry exhibition that can not be missed.

As a professional supplier of visual systems, Pummy will exhibit AI solutions and visual system solutions at the exhibition site. Pumi sincerely invites you to visit the booth. The time of the exhibition is 2018.3.14-3.16. Location: Shanghai International Expo Center, booth No. 5148, Pavilion W5, look forward to your visit!

In this exhibition, Pummy not only carries the scheme of machine vision system, but also displays various industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, zoom lenses, visual light sources, industrial cameras, additional lenses, APO and other machine vision accessories.

Shots of Pumis Shanghai Optical Expo

Traditional detection equipment cooperates with AI-Sentry visual software, which has rich functions. The system can continuously optimize in-house and realize a virtuous cycle of "template learning detection rich template more accurate detection more abundant template more accurate detection". At the same time, "AI-Sentry" background big data system can also classify and summarize the bad points of the problems, output detailed reports, list the problem period, bad categories and other elements, help users adjust the process of the front section with objective big data, improve production efficiency.

Integrative Application of Pumis Artificial Intelligence

Based on the traditional measuring instruments, Pummy developed AOI online artificial intelligence testing instrument by using the deep learning of artificial intelligence and machine vision technology. It mainly detects the errors, leaks and reverses of PCBA board plug-ins online. Intelligent keyboard detector is also developed to detect single character brightness, chroma, error, leakage and reverse of backlight keyboard on-line.

AI pattern recognition tester uses deep learning technology to learn the deep features of the target workpiece to be inspected. Without programming and automatic positioning detection of products, it can realize the pattern recognition of the workpiece with an accuracy rate of over 99%.

I. AI-Sentry Artificial Intelligence Visual Detection System

We will show the process of AI-Sentry artificial intelligence visual inspection system from boot-up demonstration machine learning to automatic inspection on site. We sincerely invite you to experience the whole process of machine replacing manual full inspection.

Product characteristics:

1. Break the closed environment of visual inspection without programming.  According to the software "fool-like" prompt, we can complete the template learning and perform the identification task. It's easy to start. Customers can teach AI-Sentry to perform complex identification tasks as needed.

2. Accurate positioning and classification, the accuracy of the system can be better than 99%. AI-Sentry can perform sub-pixel real-time positioning for specified positions, and can distinguish up to 1000 different workpieces simultaneously by deep learning intelligent recognition.

3. AI-Sentry is widely used. In the field of 3C manufacturing, it can be applied to the detection of mobile phone shell, mobile phone accessories, circuit board, screen, electronic materials, etc. It can also be widely used in hardware, food, packaging, automobile and other fields.

4. AI-Sentry system is very compatible. It can be run on Win7/10 or above platform separately, only need to configure NVIDIA special support; with the special machine vision accessories of Pumis, the product can be integrated into a complete machine vision system to meet the needs of more customers.

2. Laser Profilometer

Laser profilometer is based on the principle of laser triangular reflection. It can measure any profile size of an object, such as height difference, width, angle, radius, etc. It can realize defect detection, appearance size scanning, surface feature tracking and other functions. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, non-contact, easy installation and simultaneous measurement of multiple dimensions on a contour.

Product characteristics:

1. The highest 1280 measuring points per scanning line have the highest repetition accuracy of 0.2 um. It can detect glass and high reflective materials, 405 nm blue laser, IP67 protection level.

2. Gigabit Ethernet data transmission, online measurement of spacing, contour, steps, angles, etc.

3. Defect detection, flatness detection, contour tracking, dimension measurement, 3D scanning, contour transmission or measurement data output;

4. Rugged and durable, suitable for production line and laboratory use, suitable for robotic applications, a variety of scanning applications, suitable for integrators and end users.

3. Colour confocal spectrometer

Colour confocal spectrometer is a non-contact displacement measurement system which can reach sub-micron level. It can measure the displacement or thickness of objects with diffuse or mirror reflection and even transparent materials. Based on the coaxial characteristics of output and return signal paths, it is also suitable for the measurement of deep/blind hole workpieces.

Product characteristics

1. Steady measurement of various materials, such as metal/ceramics/mirror/glass, etc.

2. It is suitable for measuring the characteristic size of various workpiece topography (including deep hole/inclined surface/arc surface), such as height/segment difference/thickness/flatness/profile, etc.

3. It can also be used normally under harsh operating conditions such as high temperature and high pressure.

4. The structure of the probe is light and easy to integrate into the automatic measurement application of various industries.

IV. Autofocus Video Microscope

Video microscopy (also known as digital microscopy) can be used to observe samples from a completely new angle on the display, without the use of eyeglasses. It can display and save high-quality full-color static images and dynamic high-definition films.

Pumis XHD-AF series video microscopes adopt integrated fuselage design, complete optical system independently developed, with light source switching, continuous doubling, automatic focusing and other functions, can be directly applied in the electronic industry, mobile phone industry.

Review of the Grand Event of Pumis 2018 Shanghai Optical Expo
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