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Pomeas is going to join the Tenth International Vision Exhibition(China)

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The Tenth International Vision Machine Exhibition (China)

Basic information:

Exhibition time: 2013/10/16 to 2013/10/18

Address: ChinaInternationalExhibitionCenter

Hosted by: China Society of Image and Graphics

China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation


Organized by: Chinese Society of Image and Graphics Machine Vision Professional Committee

CIEC Exhibition Co., Ltd. BeijingChina and Hong Kong


Scope of Exhibits:

1. Core components of vision machine:

Smart Camera: black and white smart camera , line scan smart cameras, chromatic smart camera , CMOS smart camera , ID reader , etc. ;

Cards: black and white collecting card, Image compression card/ Image decompression card, Chromatic collecting card;

Software Package: Image processing software, Tools software for vision machine;

Accessories: Industrial camera, CMOS camera, CCD camera, Area-array camera, CAMERA-LINK, Line scan cameras, infrared camera , 1394 connector camera ;

Industrial Lens: FA lens, High-resolution camera, Image scanning lens, Condenser lens, Telecentric lens, etc.;

Illuminator: LED light Illuminator, Ultraviolet lighting systems, Infrared light source, Fiber lighting systems;

Attachment products: Sensors, Calibration blocks, Grating, Gaskets, Connect wire and Connectors, Power supply, Backplane.

2. Vision Machine Accessories:

Image processing system: Optical character, Identification systems , Automation / robotics technology, infrared imaging systems; Vision machine Integration: Character processing and identification systems, Quality testing for Tobacco,Packing, Printing and Electronic assembly, Automatic identification (OCR / OCV), Complex industrial objects inspection: automobile manufacturing, Car license. Intelligent transportation, Gace identification, Biomedical testing.  etc.


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