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2013 Pomeas workers Basketball League Race

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In the afternoon of August 24 2013, We held a basketball game for Pomeas workers in the Shangqiao industrial stadium


We use a single-elimination system for the race. Teams from different departments against each other. The team from sales department against the one from optical manufacture department. Team from research department against the one from machinery processing department. The two winners come to compete for the championship, The other two teams will have a race for third and fourth.
2013 Pomeas workers Basketball League Race



In the beginning, players are fully engaged in the game, doing their best, and very soon they were all sweating. Players fell down and stand up, it was so fierce, for those whom were not joining cheered for them. It was so great as professional race
Finally, sales team won the game.


At 5:30, the game came to an end after a prize-awarding ceremony.




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